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2016 Releases:

The House Mix 2017

Team UK Vol. 7 Straight Out Of Africa Vol. 6 RnB & Hip Hop Exclusives Winter 2016

Strickly Bass Vol. 3  RnB & Hip Hop Exclusives Spring 2016

 Bashment Hitlist 2016 The Valentines Slow Jamz Selection Pt. 6

Exclusive Club Promo Mixes:

Sophistication June 2016

Sophistication 27th Feb 2016


2015 Releases:

The House Mix 2015  RnB & Hip Hop Winter 2015

Straight Out Of Africa 5  Strickly Bass Vol. 2

  Valentines Slow Jamz Selection Pt. 5

Exclusive Club Promo Mixes:

Sophistication: Boxing Day 2015

Sophistication 24th Oct 2015

Sophistication 2015


2014 Releases:



Rnb & Hip Hop Exclusives Winter 2014  


Exclusive Club Promo Mixes:


2013 Releases:







2012 Releases:


Exlusive Club Promo Mix:


2011 Releases:                                                                                                                       



2010 Releases:



Classic Mixers:



Archive Mixers (Single File):

• Bashment Hitlist 2009
• Classic RnB Smooth Grooves
• Rnb & Hip Hop Exclusives Summer 2008
• Classic African Mix
• Timbaland Tribute Mix
• Bashment Hitlist 2008
• Strickly Funky Vol. 7
 Old School 90's RnB


All mixes are for promotional usage only.


Note: The links above allow you to download the 'tracked' version of each mix. When burning this version onto disk please ensure the time between tracks is set at 'zero'.


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