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Kanye West - Bound 2 [Official Video]

Im lost for words on this one...


Kanye West: The Zane Lowe Interview

Another 4-part Zane Lowe special worth watching. An interview that delves into the complex yet creative mind that is Kanye West's. 


Part 1:


Part 2: 


Part 3:

Kanye West - New Slaves [Premiere]

The new controversial record by Kanye West entitled 'New Slaves'. The track was premiered last night and projected across various buildings around the world, including London.

Kanye also announced the name of is new album called 'Yeezus'.

Ray J - I Hit It First (Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Diss) [Audio]

WOW! The things people do to remain relevant in the music industry lol.


Kanye West Live Rant At London Gig

Kanye has a massive rant during his live London gig last night.

He talks about his dislike for coorporate sponsors and seems to have a dig at Justin Timberlake, jealous of JT and Hov are we Ye?


RnB & Hip Hop Exclusives Winter 2012


Weird... as only Kanye West knows how.


Kanye West Ft. Big Sean & Jay-Z - Clique (Audio)

Brand new Kanye West! 


VMA's Hottest New Couple: Kevin, Kanye & Kim (Video)

Comedian Kevin Hart announces that he will be hosting MTV’s upcoming Video Music Awards in a new promo with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Enjoy.